The new job…

It’s going to be a busy two weeks ahead.  June 11th will be my last day at Platinum Broadcasting.  June 12th we’ll move as much as we can to the new place and June 13th is the Wedding Rehersal and then the big day!  THEN start the new job on the following Monday!

Which is….Afternoon DJ for Star 107.9 in Great Bend, KS.  I’m pretty happy about it honestly.  I wasn’t so sure I even wanted to stay in radio for several reasons, but mostly the sour taste in my mouth from my current company.  I applied for some computer related positions but only had one real opportunity, and that seems to have dried up.  But all in all, I still enjoy radio.  It’s a fun job that not a lot of people can say they’ve done, and while the pay isn’t spectacular, pay isn’t everything.

We’re looking for a place in Great Bend now and Andrea’s looking for a job down there.  Still a lot of uncertianty, but it feels like a weight has been lifted!  I just kept praying to God, asking him to open the door he wanted me to walk through, and this feels right.  Now I just hope he remembers to find me a place to live!

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  1. I am excited for you! Great Bend is not as big a town, so there won’t be all the things to do that you are used to in Manhattan. But think of the benefits…less people, traffic, shorter lines at the store.

    Let me know how your two week notice went at the station. I think it is funny that you typed it up and left it, but if the guy isn’t much of a people person he is probably glad. ha ha

    Let us know what we can do to help! Congrats, again!

  2. I’m quite happy for you. Congratulations.

  3. I, too, am quite happy for you. A much happier life awaits you. Congratulations!

  4. YA YA YA I’m happy for you….. sucks for us, but is great for you!

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