Plugging along…

Well I’m officially married!  There’s more to do now than I thought!  Gotta get an official copy of the marriage license before Andrea can get her name changed.  And have to do that before we can add her to my bank account.  Still need to get her ring soldiered together.  Should have done that BEFORE the wedding, but that never happened.

The job is going good so far.  Good people here.  Still feeling a bit out of the loop, but hopefully that will fade quickly.  Right now I have a lot of time here and not a whole lot to do.  So I’ve been prepping the show out as much as I can today.  It’s amazing what you can put together when you don’t have production to do or music to schedule.  Eventually I’ll be doing some web stuff and maybe some phone sales (oh yay).  We’ll see.  I’m sure it’ll be plenty busy before long.

Heck I just today got the GAS turned on finally.  For some reason it never got turned on when I transferred it, so they’re supposed to be by today.  Spit baths the past couple days haven’t been cutting it.  I need a hot shower!

Still no internet for now.  Maybe next month.  I have some catching up to do, but getting paid for my unused vacation a Platinum really helped out.  And luckily we didn’t have to put any deposits down on utilities.  So hopefully after Andrea gets a job and gets her first paycheck, we’ll be back online.  She has a second interview with a Financial company on Thursday here in town, by the way.  Wish her luck!

That’s about it for the update.  Hope all is well for everyone!


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  1. YAY!! and Update… I thought there might be one soon. GOOD LUCK ANDREA!!!!! Hope you get the job! Matt…. I’m guessing not showering isn’t making a great impression on your new coworkers. You’ve gotta work there for a while before you do things like that! And show preping?!? are you kidding me??? Stop that right now! lol Glad to hear its going well. P.S. Platinum is really good about blowing smoke up people’s …..well you know and telling them what hey wanna here, but you already knew that.

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