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So much paint. So little time.

Well, I decided it’s finally time to get to all the hail dents on the Toronado.  Except for the fact that nobody around here sells the right color of paint.  If I were smart I would have stocked up.  But no.  I’m not smart.  Luckily Biebs was able to score some for me from Home Depot in Hays.  Saweet!  So I was looking at maybe starting the sand and fill the MANY MANY hail dents this weekend.

And then I’m heading over to drop of my rent check and the landlord is there.  She says, “Hey, here’s that paint you asked for to paint the house!”  Hooray!  Which I am also excited about.  Finally get some paint on the gawd awful trim on this house.  So that’s gonna take priority.  Except that I don’t have a ladder.  Gotta get a ladder.  Only its hard to haul a ladder home in either a Toronado, or a Mustang.  If only I had…oh…an El Camino!

But they’ll both get done.  Hopefully before the snow falls.  I hope.

Net nutrality gaining significance.

“I am pleased that a majority has agreed that the commission both has the authority to, and in fact will, stop broadband service providers when they block or interfere with subscribers’ access”

-Kevin Martin, FCC Chairman

The FCC appears to be taking steps to convince Comcast to stop throttling people’s internet connection speed based on what software they are using, or how big of files they are transferring.  It’s still shaky ground though, as even though there’s net neutrality principles from the FCC, they aren’t legally enforceable.  Comcast can  just give the FCC the finger and keep doing what they’re doing if they want to.

For those who aren’t quite up on the issue.  Comcast (which is an internet provider) has been intentionally slowing down people’s internet who use BitTorrent.  BT is primarily used for file sharing, and I’m not going to sit here and drabble on about how many LEGAL torrents there are.  I whole heartedly admit that a clear majority of torrents, probably are illegal.  But the issue is, if you let ISPs control this activity, where does it stop?

Right now Comcast is claiming that it is slowing people down to help ease network congestion.  (I.E. All these people downloading huge files, would keep many other paying customers from getting the speed they paid for.)  Well if we allow that.  What’s to say Yahoo couldn’t write Comcast a check, and with so many people going to, they slow down (or even restrict) ALL connections to that website, (of course claiming Google creates too much network traffic), and eliminating Yahoo’s main competition for an extremely large group of people.

Imagine not being able to visit your favorite sites, because they haven’t entered into an agreement with your Internet Service Provider.

Imagine having to pay a basic connection fee, then pay for an entertainment teir, that gives you access to  A sports tier that gives you access to

Imagine not being able to chat with your friends because your ISP only allows Yahoo Messenger, and your friend’s ISP only allows MSN Messenger.

Of course all these are extreme scenarios, and admittedly a bit far fetched.  I would like to believe that as time goes on, the choices in portals to connect to the internet will increase profoundly, and those with rigid, overpriced business models will be left behind by those that offer more flexable and affordable alternatives.  In this regard, I’m somewhat on the fence.  However, in the more immediate future, I truely hope that pure uncensored internet continues to be a reality.

Another birthday on the books.

Had a pretty outstanding birthday.  Laid back, the way I like it.  Andrea got me a set of car ramps, a trouble light, and Final Fantasy Tactics: A2!  All excellent gift choices!  Thanks to Mom and Grandma for gifts as well!

I spent the cooler hours of the morning out waxing the car and polishing all the chrome.  I SEROUSLY don’t understand why chrome when out of style.  So damn sexy when it shines!  Then once it got friggin 100 degrees outside, I came in and played some Guild Wars, and dinked around on the internet.  Ran a couple errands and genrally just took it easy.

Excellent birthday in my opinion.  One of the best!

You’ve gotta be REALLY geeky to think this is funny.

I’ve been watching a lot of the old Star Trek TNG episodes lately.  Then somebody posted this on, I thought it was hilarious.


Here’s a new B.G. Willers Podcast!

See More Singles?


Boy.  Girl.  Naked.  Together.

Least single people EVER?  C’mon!

What makes a terrible commercial?

Answer:  Terrible copy.

The following has got to be one of the worst commercials I’ve cut in a while.  I’ll first give you the whole thing.  Read it.  Digest it.  Then I’ll tear it apart line by line.  The names of the person and the business have been changed so I don’t pop up in search engine traffic and then word gets back to the boss.  Not good for Matt’s employment.

John Spanner and Great Valley Packing…  Two names  that are synonymous with success.  Great Valley Packing IS John Spanner.  That’s means they are part of the oldest continuous meat manufacture in the United States.  John Spanner in Great Valley specializes in the production of specialized meats like smoked hams and bacon.  They use the latest in technology along with the principle of quality by all their workers to produce the taste in meats their customers want.  John Spanner of Great Valley…Shipping smoked hams and bacons across the United States…and the world.

Okay.  I’m no copy writer, but I do have a knack for sensing when somebody is a bit full of themselves!  This commercial starts out terrible from the beginning.  When I proof read it, I thought surely it would get better as the spot went on, they they just had a terrible lead in.  But actually it was very in tone with the rest of the spot.

John Spanner and Great Valley Packing…  Two names  that are synonymous with success.

Now there’s an unsubstantiated claim if I ever heard one.  “Nintendo” is synonomous “video games”.  People say, “Hey, let’s go play Nintendo.”

They DON’T say, “Wow, Bob.  Your business is really taking off, you’re a regular John Spanner!”  When people think “success” NOBODY thinks “John Spanner” OR “Great Valley Packing”.  And this commercial has yet to convince me otherwise.  Let’s continue, perhaps they’ll back up this claim.

Great Valley Packing IS John Spanner.

I suppose that’s true, if both are synonomous with success, I suppose they would be synonomous with each other too.  And it IS true.  Success IS success.  No if’s an’s or but’s about it.

That’s means they are part of the oldest continuous meat manufacture in the United States.

What?  Wait, THAT’S what that means?  I’m feeling really out of the loop about now.   How long have people in the United States been packing meat?  Was John Spanner really there when it all started?  How old is this dude?  IF John Spanner REALLY IS Great Valley Packing AND that DOES MEAN that they’re part of the oldest continuous meat manufacture in the United States;  THEN by my estimation This guy has to be AT LEAST 100 years old.  Is that somebody you really want handling powerful spinning blades?  And who’s this “they”?  I thought it was just Mr. Spanner.

John Spanner in Great Valley specializes in the production of specialized meats like smoked hams and bacon.

Well if you’re going to specialize in something, it might as well be something specialized, I guess.  But are smoked hams and bacon really all that special?  I’m pretty sure I can get those from the Schwan’s guy, or Wal-Mart.  What’s so special about them?

They use the latest in technology, along with the principle of quality, by all their workers to produce the taste in meats their customers want.

First of all, I don’t even think this is a sentence by grammatical standards.  And I don’t know about you but when I walk into the Specialized Meat section to check out the bacon, I try to look for the bacon that was sliced by LASERS!  After all, meat just tastes better when you use the latest technology.

John Spanner of Great Valley…Shipping smoked hams and bacons across the United States…and the world.

This line would be a perfect end to the commercial…had John been able to back up any of his grandiose claims.  But instead it leaves me thinking, “Seriously, John.  Name one place outside the USA you’ve shipped some bacons.  I’ll even let you count Hawaii and Alaska.”

This isn’t a commercial about selling a product.  John just paid a princely sum in order to hear his name on the radio and feel good about himself.  While it may satisfy is narcissistic tendencies, I feel that money would be better spent on therapy.

Trying to adjust.

It goes without saying that there’s been a lot of change in my life lately.  And I wouldn’t change anything about it.  Married life is great, the job is great, all is well.  If anything, I’m just having a little difficulty adjusting to my schedule.

I’ve always had trouble getting up in the morning, but lately it seems like everything is rushed in the mornings.  A lot of that has to do with I’ve gone from going in at 11:00 at my old job, to going in at 9:00 here.  So I get up at the same time I used to, but have a lot less time in the mornings.  I’m considering getting up a couple hours earlier everyday, but that puts me at less than 6 hours of sleep, and I’m not sure how my body will handle that in the long term, and I don’t really want to go to bed any EARLIER than I do now!

How much sleep does everybody get at night?  I’m getting about 7 hours a night right now, and feel like I’m sleeping too much of the day away.  Does anybody get less than 6 hours and wish they could get more?  Everybody’s going to be different, of course.  I just don’t want to waste anymore time snoozing away time I’ll never get back!

We’re officially unpacked!

Well I took my day off today to get the rest of our crap out of boxes.  I did a lot of cleaning and found a place for a lot of stuff.  Everything else is being stored in the basement.  So nice to have a place to put that stuff!  Here’s some pics of the inside.  It’s very retro, and the walls still need paint.  Hopefully that happens soon.  Again, gotta get together with the landlord.

The Living Room:

Since we got rid of the couch, we pulled out the K-State camp chair.  It works well enough!


Soo much storage!  We have cupboards that don’t even have anything in them!  Plus I got my old Zenith tube radio working.

The Bathroom:

A little small, but bigger than our last bathroom, believe it or not!

Spare Room:

A.K.A. Andrea’s Jam Room. There’s TONS of storage in here. The two walls you can’t see in the picture have big closets built in to them.

Computer Room:

A day off!

Since we worked all day Saturday, our boss told all of us to pick a day this week to take off, as long as we didn’t all pick the same day of course!  And here it is, another three day weekend for me!  The great part about it is I got paid for Saturday and now I’m getting paid today too!  Geeze, Platinum Broadcasting never would have done that.

So I’ve been lazy so far.  Slept in an extra hour.  Now I’m just relaxing infront of the computer with some piping hot coffee.  Black.  It’s a good day so far.  Lots to do though.  I need to do the dishes and some cleaning up around the house.  A friend from work is coming over tonight, and Bryan and Jamie are headed to town tomorrow morning.  Maybe I’ll FINALLY get everything unpacked.

I’d do some painting today, but the landlord hasn’t got the paint yet.  Although she DID get ahold of me to tell me she couldn’t find it anywhere.  At least she’s thinking about it I guess.

Going to play some Guild Wars today if time permits.  But the more I sit here on my butt, the less time to do that later.  Fire up the grill tonight for some brats and beers, and just kick back and enjoy the day.  Life can be up and down, but right now, it’s pretty good.