Daily Archives: July 1, 2008

The new place

It’s nothing to brag about, but here’s some pictures of the new place. It’s definetly an older place. Looks like it was remodeled…somewhere around 1954. But it’s got lots of room, lots of storage, and seems to be a fairly well-built house. The rent is significantly cheaper than Ogden was. Almost half the price, and almost double the space. That is if you DON’T count the unfinished basement.

It needs some paint on the trim real bad. And the carport could use some new wood in places. The landlord is supposed to get us the supplies, so that should work out. Just have to keep harassing her until she does.

Here’s how it looked when we moved in:

I trimmed up the plants and trees and I think it already looks a world better. But man I GOTTA get some paint on that trimwork. Hideous.

Hopefully we stay here for two years or so, then maybe buy something. We’ll see where the wind blows. All I know is I’m sick of moving!