Daily Archives: July 18, 2008

We’re officially unpacked!

Well I took my day off today to get the rest of our crap out of boxes.  I did a lot of cleaning and found a place for a lot of stuff.  Everything else is being stored in the basement.  So nice to have a place to put that stuff!  Here’s some pics of the inside.  It’s very retro, and the walls still need paint.  Hopefully that happens soon.  Again, gotta get together with the landlord.

The Living Room:

Since we got rid of the couch, we pulled out the K-State camp chair.  It works well enough!


Soo much storage!  We have cupboards that don’t even have anything in them!  Plus I got my old Zenith tube radio working.

The Bathroom:

A little small, but bigger than our last bathroom, believe it or not!

Spare Room:

A.K.A. Andrea’s Jam Room. There’s TONS of storage in here. The two walls you can’t see in the picture have big closets built in to them.

Computer Room:

A day off!

Since we worked all day Saturday, our boss told all of us to pick a day this week to take off, as long as we didn’t all pick the same day of course!  And here it is, another three day weekend for me!  The great part about it is I got paid for Saturday and now I’m getting paid today too!  Geeze, Platinum Broadcasting never would have done that.

So I’ve been lazy so far.  Slept in an extra hour.  Now I’m just relaxing infront of the computer with some piping hot coffee.  Black.  It’s a good day so far.  Lots to do though.  I need to do the dishes and some cleaning up around the house.  A friend from work is coming over tonight, and Bryan and Jamie are headed to town tomorrow morning.  Maybe I’ll FINALLY get everything unpacked.

I’d do some painting today, but the landlord hasn’t got the paint yet.  Although she DID get ahold of me to tell me she couldn’t find it anywhere.  At least she’s thinking about it I guess.

Going to play some Guild Wars today if time permits.  But the more I sit here on my butt, the less time to do that later.  Fire up the grill tonight for some brats and beers, and just kick back and enjoy the day.  Life can be up and down, but right now, it’s pretty good.