We’re officially unpacked!

Well I took my day off today to get the rest of our crap out of boxes.  I did a lot of cleaning and found a place for a lot of stuff.  Everything else is being stored in the basement.  So nice to have a place to put that stuff!  Here’s some pics of the inside.  It’s very retro, and the walls still need paint.  Hopefully that happens soon.  Again, gotta get together with the landlord.

The Living Room:

Since we got rid of the couch, we pulled out the K-State camp chair.  It works well enough!


Soo much storage!  We have cupboards that don’t even have anything in them!  Plus I got my old Zenith tube radio working.

The Bathroom:

A little small, but bigger than our last bathroom, believe it or not!

Spare Room:

A.K.A. Andrea’s Jam Room. There’s TONS of storage in here. The two walls you can’t see in the picture have big closets built in to them.

Computer Room:

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  1. Awesome… A 3-day weekend, you’re all unpacked and tomorrow you should have your washer/dryer so no more trips to the laundromat! Life is good!!

  2. Sweet place! I really don’t even know what to say about getting a paid day off! I think it’d be nice to get a day off paid or unpaid! lol Congrats that’s awesome, enjoy it!!

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