Daily Archives: July 27, 2008

Another birthday on the books.

Had a pretty outstanding birthday.  Laid back, the way I like it.  Andrea got me a set of car ramps, a trouble light, and Final Fantasy Tactics: A2!  All excellent gift choices!  Thanks to Mom and Grandma for gifts as well!

I spent the cooler hours of the morning out waxing the car and polishing all the chrome.  I SEROUSLY don’t understand why chrome when out of style.  So damn sexy when it shines!  Then once it got friggin 100 degrees outside, I came in and played some Guild Wars, and dinked around on the internet.  Ran a couple errands and genrally just took it easy.

Excellent birthday in my opinion.  One of the best!

You’ve gotta be REALLY geeky to think this is funny.

I’ve been watching a lot of the old Star Trek TNG episodes lately.  Then somebody posted this on OldsPower.com, I thought it was hilarious.