Daily Archives: July 31, 2008

So much paint. So little time.

Well, I decided it’s finally time to get to all the hail dents on the Toronado.  Except for the fact that nobody around here sells the right color of paint.  If I were smart I would have stocked up.  But no.  I’m not smart.  Luckily Biebs was able to score some for me from Home Depot in Hays.  Saweet!  So I was looking at maybe starting the sand and fill the MANY MANY hail dents this weekend.

And then I’m heading over to drop of my rent check and the landlord is there.  She says, “Hey, here’s that paint you asked for to paint the house!”  Hooray!  Which I am also excited about.  Finally get some paint on the gawd awful trim on this house.  So that’s gonna take priority.  Except that I don’t have a ladder.  Gotta get a ladder.  Only its hard to haul a ladder home in either a Toronado, or a Mustang.  If only I had…oh…an El Camino!

But they’ll both get done.  Hopefully before the snow falls.  I hope.