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The Honeymooners Arrived In Hawaii

The Honeymooners Arrived In Hawaii

Well, this is it…

My last little bit of internet time before we take off. Our flight leaves 8:30 AM tomorrow morning. (I’m excited!) And we’ll get back around noon on the next Friday. We’ll have lots of pictures and videos and lots to talk about, I’m sure!

Talk to y’all soon!

Lapse in Blogging

Well I haven’t blogged for the past few days, because I haven’t hardly been near a computer.

Andrea’s sister, Trina, came into town Friday afternoon. And we headed out to a United Way fundraiser Friday night. It was pretty fun. The food was good, but not great. They said the buffet line was ready and everybody was just sitting there. So I hopped up grabbed a plate, and what do you know, everybody else finally followed suit. Guess those hoity toity folks have a problem with starting a buffet. But it was a fun night. They had a magician/comedian there that was pretty good.

Saturday we went to the zoo here in Great Bend. It’s not the best zoo in the world, but it’s the best FREE zoo I’ve been to, and pretty nice for a town this size. But apparently free also describes the containment of the animals. There were a few peacocks and assorted birds roaming around. But by far the most startling, was the small alligator just swimming along in in the pond right next to one of the walking paths. Andrea being the nut that she is, decided it’d be fun to throw sticks at it. After snapping a couple sticks in half, it swims right at us! Let me remind you, there’s no barriers, or fences, or anything stopping this little guy from crawling up and snacking on a toe or two! So we trotted our little butts out of there! Still not sure if there was supposed to be an alligator there or not….

Saturday night we went to a going away party for one of the guys here at work. That was pretty fun, I played in a “dimes” tournament. Apparently I’m not very good at throwing a dime into a cup. I lost pretty easily. At least I still have some Mario Kart skillz!

Sunday got up early to haul our cat down to SWK for a little vacation of her own before we head to Hawaii this week. Andrea was going to come too, but she was up early up-chucking and decided to stay home and rest up. I felt sorry for her. But I didn’t want her to drag being sick out and into vacation time. So I went and had a good time. Got to see my family and get headed back in decent time. It’s so much nicer to live a little bit closer that I can head down and back in a day and actually have some time!

And now it’s Monday and there’s nothing to do at work again. But no biggie, it’s a three day work week for me!

Matt Goes to Work

What are you doing?  Nothing!?  Then watch this.  Inspired by Hendrie’s “Phil Goes to Work.”

Prank calling Smokey Dan.

This was before my time at the radio station…but here’s a couple station employees, who’s names were removed by request, prank calling Dan asking about his lawnmower for sale.


Click Here

My next project…

This one is a ways off.  Lots of stuff to do yet, but once the car is fixed, and the house is painted, and we have some extra money laying around.  I want to take an old phonograph kinda like the one that I have, and mod it into a PC.

They’re certianly big enough.  And it’d be kind of cool and definetly different.  So I’ll keep my out out for a good unit.  Try to get a good price on something that doesn’t work as a radio, but the cabinet is in good shape.  Should be fun…someday.

Taking another moment…

For some reason or another, I got back to thinking about the mechanics of life again today.  No, I don’t mean the guys that get your car going again after you’ve plowed a quarter mile through swampland.  I mean life, how we got where we are and how we get where we’re going.  Perhaps it will make no sense, or perhaps it only makes sense to me.  Could I be so enlightened?

Mostly I’ve been thinking about “existing”.  And what it means.  I haven’t dusted off Webster’s lately, but I’m operating under the assumption that it mean “to be”.  You think about life.  “To live.”  To react to your experiences.  To change and grow as time goes by.

We’ve gotten a good amount of rain here over the past few days, and I was looking out the window today at a plant that had gotten noticeably fuller and greener over the past week.  My first thought, as yours might be, “I bet that plant has enjoyed the rain.”  As a human, we all too often assign human qualities to inanimate objects.   While the plant has benefited, and grown over time, I doubt it “felt” any better.  Should it whither and die, we would feel sad.  Who was so mean to not water the plant, to let it LIVE!?

If that plant had half a brain, it would up root itself, shuffle over to the hydrant, wrap its leaves around the spigot and have itself a drink.  But it can’t.  It’s firmly planted where it’s at and it isn’t going anywhere unless someone like you or I intervene.  In fact it only EXISTS there, because it’s adapted to that specific environment.  In other words, it’s not a coincidence that a banana tree hasn’t sprung up in the vacant lot next to the radio station.

But if you stop and think…why is that?  Why CAN’T a banana tree grow there.  Read the rest of this entry

Isn’t that the same thing?

At my work, we get tons of email about people wanting to sell stuff, or give away animals. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cool to give away a pet for free to be in a better home. But I got this email today, and I could’ve sworn these were the same thing.

Puppy looking for a home- FREE!  Half Retriever, half Lab.  Her name is Maddie and she’s about 8 months old.  She already knows how to sit and has a very good temperament.

I thought a retriever WAS a lab! Hint: Labrador Retriever

Photoshop fun

I was messing around last night to illustrate something on took about 30 minutes.  Could be better, but not too shabby for my first attempt!





The best part about getting something from Newegg.

The packaging!

See how much she LOVES it!?