Daily Archives: August 3, 2008

Who designs these things?

Well, I had a Wal-Mart gift card I had to use, so I walked all over the store, and couldn’t find a single thing I actually wanted.  Ended up just using the card to buy some groceries!  Ha ha.  I guess that’s a good sign, I already have a lot of stuff I want.

But with the money I saved on groceries, I decided I could pick up this cool little multi-tool.

I ordered it from rockynational.com and would recommend ordering from them to anyone else.  I placed my order on Thursday, and it arrived in the mail on Saturday!  That’s speedy service.  The quality of the tool is as good as somthing the size of a couple nail trimmers can be.  I wouldn’t go to town on a rusty old bolt with this, but it should come in handy in those situations where you wish you had a knife or a simple pair of plier.

But some of the features of this thing leave me puzzled.  Who had the checklist for this thing?  Granted, many of the tools are sure to come in quite handy.  The knife, the screwdrivers, the bottle opener.  But what kind of guy that’s looking for a nice all purpose tool, is going to be gung ho about the NAIL FILE and the TWEEZERS?   Okay, I’ll give the tweezers a pass, as this could come in handy for the outdoorsman who happens to get a splinter.  But a nail file?  Really.  “OH YAY.  My utlity tool and manacure set finally arrived!” Such a waste of a slot on my multi-tool.