Here’s those pics…

Here you go.  Utterly random scenes from around the radio station.  First up “The Bell”.  The first thing your eyes snap to as you walk into the station.  If you ever stop by feel free to ring it…if you dare.

Next we have some broadcasting essentials.  (Jenn will appreciate this picture.)  The Chautauqua and the headphones.  Well, the Chautauqua is essential at least.  I drink a lot of water at work.  I used to suck down pop all the time, finally I realized the water was free and better for me!  Let me tell ya, you honestly do feel better drinking a good amount of water everyday.  ESPECIALLY when it’s hot out side.

Me making an effort to be as comfortable as possible in the most uncomfortable chair in the world.  It’s weird not wearing a hat everyday.

Elsen (P.D.) and Claudia (Sales) doing something.  Probably arguing.  They’ll be married come December…probably.  😉

And last but not least…the guy you may or may not have heard about.  “Smokey Dan”  Famous for such quotes as…

“I called in the first 10 minutes and got a free hedge trimmer.”

“I just don’t think our internet connection has enough poop.”

“At least it got rid of my intestinal bloating.”

“The nice thing about this program is…you just highlight what you want to delete.  Then you delete it.”

“That’s just another thing they put on my plate.”

And more!

I’d go into more detail, but then there’d be nothing left for this week’s podcast!


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  1. i wish my work place was as interesting as yours …

  2. LOL OMG! Ok so I wasn’t going to comment but I just HAD to. This post made my day! I know I’m lame. What can I say 2 crappy days in a row and anything will cheer you up. LOVE the pictures! Especially the Chautauqua!!!! Sounds like Smokey Dan has a few qualities that Micheal Anthony possess. Smokey Dan sounds a little cooler though. P.S. you totally need carpeted walls! lol Great pictures!

  3. Thank god they force you to be hatless. Now spike up that hair. Most men would kill for that head of hair.

  4. Great photos! Seems like a nice group of people.

    Gotta ask…. What is the point of the bell?

  5. “What is the point of the bell?”

    You know how lots of places have that little bell that says, “Ring Bell For Service”?

    Well, this is ours.

  6. I too suffered through my first few months hatless at work. When I tried to put my hat back on now it didn’t fit my head the same, I cried. The moral of the story is wear it or lose it baby.

  7. Don’t say that! I can’t imagine a world sans hats.

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