Daily Archives: August 8, 2008

Terrible Podcast

I’m really dissapointed in how this podcast turned out. I’d re-do it, but I think no matter how much I try I can’t do justice to Smokey Dan. You really must meet the fellow. But if you’d like to hear me attempt to describe is ridiculousness click away.

B.G. Willers Podcast

And before you ask, music this week is from Saving Abel and the Yoshida Brothers.

The Studio

In continuing with experimenting with my camera I decided to try a video.  Never taken a video with this thing…and apparently it only allows 20 seconds.  Man this camera sucks.  So here’s the KZRS Studio quick tour.

It’s retro, but nice and laid back.  Very college radio KSDB McCain Studio feeling.

And here’s the most uncomfortable chair in the world which I’m forced to sit in for four hours a day.  Seriously they won’t even let Guantanomo detainees sit in this chair.