Daily Archives: August 10, 2008

Final Fantasy video from back in the day.

Here’s a video I put together probably a couple years ago.  Never really had the means to post it.  Youtube wasn’t around then, ya know!  I hooked up my PS2 to my old laptop (may she rest in peace) and recorded all the cutscenes from both games on the the hard drive.  That was a good week solid of playing though the games, recording, saving, etc.

Then I edited the two songs together with Cool Edit Pro, and put it all together with Sony Vegas 5.  Didn’t turn out too bad, but the music is a little cliche now.

Last night’s LAN party.

Well with Andrea out of town, and no reason not to, I tagged along with Biebs to go to a LAN party with a few of his friends.  It was a good time, though I was getting my butt handed to me most of the time!  Though I did discover a game called Homeworld 2 that looks pretty fun, but I’m going to have to get into it more before I reach a verdict on that.

I ended up staying out way too late though.  Didn’t get home until about 3AM.  Ugh.  I hit the bed and fell to sleep immediately.  But I was at least up this morning before 10:00, got some coffee in me and all is good!

Head over to biebsworld.com to check out some videos of the gaming action!