Last night’s LAN party.

Well with Andrea out of town, and no reason not to, I tagged along with Biebs to go to a LAN party with a few of his friends.  It was a good time, though I was getting my butt handed to me most of the time!  Though I did discover a game called Homeworld 2 that looks pretty fun, but I’m going to have to get into it more before I reach a verdict on that.

I ended up staying out way too late though.  Didn’t get home until about 3AM.  Ugh.  I hit the bed and fell to sleep immediately.  But I was at least up this morning before 10:00, got some coffee in me and all is good!

Head over to to check out some videos of the gaming action!

Posted on August 10, 2008, in Tech, Video Games. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Yeah, go ahead! Have fun without me!

    You guys were probably glad that you didn’t have a girl with you. Didn’t have to worry about me complaining cuz you’re killing me too much! 🙂

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