Daily Archives: August 13, 2008

Prank calling Smokey Dan.

This was before my time at the radio station…but here’s a couple station employees, who’s names were removed by request, prank calling Dan asking about his lawnmower for sale.


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My next project…

This one is a ways off.  Lots of stuff to do yet, but once the car is fixed, and the house is painted, and we have some extra money laying around.  I want to take an old phonograph kinda like the one that I have, and mod it into a PC.

They’re certianly big enough.  And it’d be kind of cool and definetly different.  So I’ll keep my out out for a good unit.  Try to get a good price on something that doesn’t work as a radio, but the cabinet is in good shape.  Should be fun…someday.