We made it back!

I must say, if you ever get the chance to go to Kauai…GO!  Andrea and I both had a fantastic time.  We were there for eight days and seven nights and at the end of it we STILL weren’t ready to leave.  It’s amazing how beautiful it was everywhere you looked.

The island was bigger than I thought it would be.  Only one hiway went around the island, except for about 10 miles.  So if you want to get from the north side to the west side, it’s about a 2 hour drive clear around the island to get there.  The island is only about 35 miles wide, but we managed to rack up almost 800 miles on our rental Jeep.

Here’s a few highlights.  Check out all the pictures in my Picasa Gallery.

Here we are just getting off the plane waiting for our bags. We were enamored right from the start as we walked through the airport, and everything is open to the outside air. There were some fences and gates to keep people from bypassing security areas and the like, but no matter where you are, you’re breathing fresh ocean breeze!

Andrea at baggage claim in the Lihue airport.

Andrea at baggage claim in the Lihue airport.

From there we hopped on a shuttle to the car rental place.  Which was hidden away in a little industrial area.  We’d never have found it ourselves.  From there, Andrea’s dream came true when they handed us the keys to our Jeep for the week.  She’s now for sure she wants one of her own!

Andrea in heaven.

Andrea in heaven.

Then we headed up the coast for a beautiful drive to Princeville on the North Shore.  We took lots of videos, but it’ll take some time to get ’em uploaded so look for that post later.  As a wedding gift, Andrea’s Dad let us use his timeshare.  It was a real classy place.  I was quickly feeling out of place!

Entrance to Princeville.

Entrance to Princeville.

Our building.  We stayed in the top left condo.

Our building. We stayed in the top left condo.

My favorite spot.

My favorite spot.

The view off the balcony.  Looks too pretty to be real, but it is!

The view off the balcony. Looks too pretty to be real, but it is!

We got all checked in.  Took a moment to take everything in, and then hopped in the suits and headed for the beach!  But more on that later.  It’s 2 AM (only 9 PM Hawaii time!) right now and should get to bed.  Jet lag sucks!

To be continued…

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  1. The pictures turned out great! I can see why you loved it out there! I’ll have to put it on my list of places to go and see! I’m still amazed at how NOT crowded it was!

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