Daily Archives: September 4, 2008

Damn you, El Monterey!

One of my cheap food staples is El Monterey burritos.  You could once upon a time get a 10 pack for less than $3.00.  I probably shouldn’t, but I eat them 3 at a time.  Anyway…they’ve been getting more and more expensive along with everything else in this world.  But we’re in the store the other day, and I noticed they were selling for $2.95!  What a deal, I thought!

Well today, I’m pulling the package out of the frezzer like I’ve done countless times before.  It seems a little more compact than usual.  The bastards didn’t lower the price!  They just shorted me 2 burritos!  They could have at least been straight with me.  You know like a big banner on the package that says “Now with 20% LESS Burritos!  Arriba!”  Personally I’d be less offended if I were paying more for 10 burritos.  I just feel like they tried to pull a fast one on me.

Let me tell you, El Monterey.  Your burritos aren’t cheap enough, or good enough, that I can’t find a more faithful quick eats companion.  Quick rice has my back.