Damn you, El Monterey!

One of my cheap food staples is El Monterey burritos.  You could once upon a time get a 10 pack for less than $3.00.  I probably shouldn’t, but I eat them 3 at a time.  Anyway…they’ve been getting more and more expensive along with everything else in this world.  But we’re in the store the other day, and I noticed they were selling for $2.95!  What a deal, I thought!

Well today, I’m pulling the package out of the frezzer like I’ve done countless times before.  It seems a little more compact than usual.  The bastards didn’t lower the price!  They just shorted me 2 burritos!  They could have at least been straight with me.  You know like a big banner on the package that says “Now with 20% LESS Burritos!  Arriba!”  Personally I’d be less offended if I were paying more for 10 burritos.  I just feel like they tried to pull a fast one on me.

Let me tell you, El Monterey.  Your burritos aren’t cheap enough, or good enough, that I can’t find a more faithful quick eats companion.  Quick rice has my back.

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  1. I just hope your packaging doesn’t have a promotion for “Toy Story” like the burritos listed. That would make an already questionable eat all the more so.

    “Now with 20% LESS Burritos! Arriba!” – Golden.

  2. lol!!!! Good stuff there… the burritos and the post. They could have done some sort of claim that less is more. Charmin did it. Or claim it fits in the freezer better. Or even go as far as suggest a side dish to save on the amount of burritos… like, oh, I don’t know, quick rice. ok I’m lame.

    P.S. the Q started playing the Wam-Sag-Man commercial that you and I did. It started today… here’s the funny thing….they left the “sponsored by…” in there but there’s no sponsor. I really want to replace it with the “sponsored by…sponges!” lol but I won’t.

  3. Fellow frozen burrito eater

    Thanks for posting this, I thought I was going crazy and thought maybe they always had 8 to a pack instead of 10. This blog post is the only thing I found online regarding this.

  4. El Monterey and I are through

    Yes, incredibly upset about this. El Monterey burritos used to be a week of lunches for me. I would buy the ten pack on Sunday night, pack two a day, and $3 would cover me for the whole week. Did this for years and years. Now that both the price has gone up and the package is 20% reduced I am currently looking for other options. Oh well, time to move on from burritos after all this time anyway. Not sure how realistic it is to find an equal alternative to having a whole week of super-easy preparation-free lunches for only $3. If anybody has any ideas let me know.

  5. Dittos, It says “Family Pack” on the packaging. Has the recession downsized the size of families all of a sudden, too?! Safeway has also downsized the portion of yogurt in their containers and dispensed with the plastic lids. Looks like Im going to be shopping at LEAST 20% less with Safeway, El Montdisarray and anybody else that tries pulling a fast one like this! Safeway and El Monterrey are LAME. Big FAIL!!!!!!

  6. I just noticed this yesterday, and I was outraged. OUTRAGED! Now, I discover that the change from ten packs to eight packs apparently happened a couple years ago; I thought I was buying ten packs all along. I need to pay more attention to my surroundings. Damn robotic habits!

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