Daily Archives: September 6, 2008

We put it off long enough…

Now I can do fun stuff like this!

We finally broke down and bought a Wii.  We were in the store today and I saw one on the shelf.  I almost didn’t tell Andrea about it, because I knew I was weak and she’d talk me into it.  But she walked over while I was looking and saw it.  Next thing you know we’re walking out with a Wii, Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, and an extra controller.  Ha ha!

It’s been fun, sitting there, creating Miis, getting the WiiConnect24 up and running.  I’m really excited about the virtual console, although I’m going to wait a while to download any games, as I think we’ve spent enough money as it is!

So if anybody wants to come over and play Nintendo, just let me know.  Now I’ve got all of ’em!