Lots of fun times…for a geek like me.

Well as posted earlier, we got the Wii this weekend. Andrea has already worked up some mighty sore muscles from hitting home runs in Wii Sports. I’ve been sitting around for hours creating Miis of everyone I can think of. I’ve been really enjoying the new Mario Kart, though I’m a little dissapointed they dumbed down the powerslides this time around. But still a blast none-the-less. I am still favoring the old controller over the tilt method you can use with the Wiimote. Started a little bit on Mario Galaxy, but haven’t gotten very far yet.

Biebs hooked me up with an old 160GB hard drive he had laying around, so installed Ubuntu on it and have been having great success so far. Still have a little bit of work to do getting Guild Wars to run in Linux, but I’m confident I’ll get there. It’s my first step to shedding Windows completely on my next computer I build, hopefully sometime next year!

So lots of geeky stuff to play around with, and as always not enough time for it all. If only I could get by on like 2 hours of sleep!

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