21.1 Megapixel 5D Mark II by Canon

I noticed a link under the Anandtech tab on bgwillers about a 21.1 mp camera from Canon. The first thought was…

What the hell do you need a 21.1 mp camera for?

Then I read on and it said something about being able to record in HD. The second thought was…

I thought this was a camera, not a camcorder! Why do you need to record in HD on the same camera you’re getting 21.1 mp with? Wouldn’t that just eat up your memory?

Oh well, I guess I’m just weird like that. It would be cool to have, but wouldn’t know what to use it on in Kansas. Plus, I never got to the price, which I probably wouldn’t want to know in the first place. I know that 7.1 mp cameras are going for $100 or so at walmart. So, that gives you a little idea of what it MIGHT be.

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  1. According to
    “The new 5D Mark II will retail for $2,600 for the body only and $3,499 with a 24-105mm lens.”


  2. thats nothing check out the “Phase One” camera backs

    The P 65+ digital back offers:

    * 60.5 Megapixel
    * Full frame
    * 16 bit captures
    * 12.5 stops of dynamic range
    * Shooting speed of up to 1 frame per second
    * ISO 50-800
    * Open platform

    and the cheapest one starts at around $10,000 there are only about 7 ppl world wide that use these things basically these turn you film camera into a badass digital camera that also makes you coffee … if they dont they should for 10k.

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