Old and stubborn

Perhaps I’ve had one too many glasses of wine…or I feel guilty for not posting anything of great substance on the blog as of late.  Either way, I usually wouldn’t have posted this.  I often don’t carry discussions from the message boards over to the blog…and to be honest I’m not really sure why that is.

One of the members of OldsPower.com made a quite wordy post, which I won’t bore you with, about “change”.  An excerpt:

So what’s the point?(Summation). Forty is right around the corner and I find myself evolving into my father. When I first moved into my neighborhood I was the loudest person on the block, now I’m becoming that recluse old fart on the corner that doesn’t like anyone or anything: “get off my lawn, turn that crap/music down!”. I’m actually happy to see a Sheriff’s Patrol rolling down my street nowadays. Anyway, I get accustomed to how things are and don’t like new things that I know nothing about. But pretty soon the “new things” become the old ways and I reminisce about them too.

What caught my interest is that this isn’t a unique story.  It seems to happen to everyone.  Old people are cranky, they drive slow, they are set in their ways.  But why and how?  We don’t just wake up one day, with weathered bodies and a narrow view on life.  It’s a gradual process.  And it’s happening to you as you read this.  And I postured, that it either has something to do with growing older (i.e. weaker), wiser or a little of both.

I’m a few years behind you (26 now), but I already feel myself gravitating towards the feelings you describe. I resisted getting a cell phone until I was out of college. Infact it was my future wife that insisted I have one. Little did I know it was but the first or many sacrifices I’d make. Even now, I’ll turn the phone off many times when I’m out of the house. I suppose I just long for the days when if you weren’t home, people had to wait until you got back.

I suppose it’s all about perspective. I remember being full of imagination and ambition back in my early college years. I was going to GO places…DO things. Make a name for myself, ya know. But as time went on, I started to realize that wasn’t my nature. Not that I’m not ambitious (I did paint my car with rustoleum ) but that I had re-aligned my priorities.
The world moves at a furious pace, like a fast current coming at you head on. It takes so much energy to keep up. To keep up with the trends…the technology…the politics… I think either as we get older, we wear out and grow tired of trying to keep up with it all. Or we wise up and embrace what we have, what we know and “go with the flow”.
But who knows!? Maybe it only makes sense to me. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had a couple of adult beverages myself…

And you thought we just talked about Oldsmobiles!

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  1. I like to think as we get older we don’t ‘lose’ anything. Instead we gain the knowledge: “Wow! The world really DOESN’T revolve around me!” We still do everything we’ve done all our lives and every day we touch someone else’s world and influence it in some way…good or bad. The key is finding peace and serenity in all the small things in life.

  2. Wow….all joking aside this post stopped me in my tracks. I have about 5 million thoughts right now but they’re all in the beginning stages so I wont share them. Here’s what I will share… this post reminds me of when you worked at PB. You always have these deep thoughts that are simple on the surface…and they always made me think. Granted 1/2 the time you had to explain them..but eventually I had to dig deep and look at what I think. Your post…while seeming simple on the surface is honestly quite deep. Thanks for making me think.

    Joking back on… I did just think it was all about Oldsmobiles.

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