Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

Cheap gas?

I got up and headed to work this morning and my low gas light was FLASHING at me. It’d been dinging for a couple days, but since I only have a couple miles to drive to work, I wasn’t too concerned about it. But I figured since it’d gone the extra step to get my attention, I’d go ahead and fill up.

I’ll admit I was almost giddy when I saw the sign reading $3.15 for regular gasoline! I haven’t seen it that low for a long time! Still kinda sad that I’m getting excited about gas being over $3.00. I still think it’ll get down into the lower $2.00 range, though it might be a couple years from now. People say I’m crazy for thinking that. But I bet back in the 80’s people never thought that gas would be less than $1.00 again, but I sure remember it being 73 cents back in 1997.

Sad thing is, when I was filliing up this moring, the pump had a $50 limit on it, so I still couldn’t quite get a full tank. Hopefully gas keeps going down and it’ll have worked out!