Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

A look back: GoldenEye 007

Much has been written and said about this one. It wasn’t just an influential game for me, for millions of people (8 million to be more precise) this game revolutionized shooting games and the multiplayer experience. For the industry, it shaped every game in the genre that would come after it. For me, it was just as…if not more significant than Mario Kart 64.

Like many others, to me this game began as a mystery. Through the same channel I’d received my Star Fox promotional VHS tape, I also got a manila folder gussied up to look like an MI6 intelligence dossier. Inside were various screenshots of the game, lists of all the weapons, and all sorts of stuff to whet the appetite. At the time most of my Bond experiences were flipping through channels and seeing sweet car chases. I liked James Bond movies, but certianly not the kind of fan people think of me as today. Read the rest of this entry