Sweet! A dryer!

Sweet!  The 1981 models are out!

Sweet! The 1981 models are out!

Well, I’m on my lunch break and just got our new (to us) dryer hooked up.  We got it last night for the princly sum of $50.  It’s got the sweet fake woodgrain topped control panel, which I am CERTIAN will soon be back in style.

I tried hooking the vent up last night.  They gave us some sort of flat duct thing that you can slide right up next to the wall, and I did my best to duct tape it to the dryer and to the vent going outdoors…that didn’t work so well.  The dryer moves a good volume of air and it gets quite hot (both good things) but it got hot enough to goo up the duct tape to the point it wasn’t sticky any more.  At which point it just blew the duct right off the dryer.  Well that ain’t going to work!

So I picked up some real duct work and metal clamps.  I can’t slide it as close to the wall, but it’s a nice tight seal, and works like it should.  I’d throw some laundry in and have it dry while I’m at work, but I’d like to be home to keep an eye on it for at least the first couple run thoughs.  If a 30 year old dryer is going to burst into flames, I’d like to be there to stop the blaze before it consumes the rest of our belongings!


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  1. Oh my gosh! I looked it up and you are right. It is a big fire hazard! I knew running a gas dryer inside without proper venting released the CO2 and that was bad, but had no idea that clothes dryers were a large cause of home fires! Man! Is anything safe anymore?

  2. i can attest to dyer starting a fire… a co-worker of mine had his dyer ruin some of his and his wifes clothing by catching them on fire! needless to say they never used that dyer again !

  3. Did you get the dryer all set?

  4. Yup. Several loads dried flawlessly. We’ve almost got our $50 worth out of it already! Ha ha!

  5. Isn’t it nice. Truly a luxury when it works, eh?

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