Daily Archives: October 14, 2008

Which do you say?

My old ways…

You know how they say if you have a habit, and then you quit that habit it’s easy to fall back into the trap?  I’m starting to feel that happen again with the IGN Message Boards.  Though I wouldn’t really call it a habit.  More like a tendency.  What’s the first sign of addiction?  Denial?  Ha ha!

It’s probably unknown to most of the readers here, that my history with IGN is long and storied…dating back to when it was just N64.com (best viewed in 600×800 ha ha).  My message board profile was created in 2001 and since then I’ve racked up 4,452 posts.  To me that’s quite a bit.  Though there’s many members there with over 10,000 posts!  I’ve wasted a lot of time and stayed up way too many nights rapping on the IGN boards.

I think what started it is partly all the nostalgic N64 reviews I’ve been doing, but mostly us having the Wii now.  I probably was most addici…interested in the IGN boards back in the GameCube days.  Ashamed, I admit I spent more time on IGN talking about games than actually playing them.  And I was paying $15 a year to do it.  (Still do!  He he.)  But it was a transitional time for me.  I’d just gotten out of high school where I had plenty of time to play my games, and play them until they were beaten.  To college, going to class, going to work, and trying to have a social life.  I must emphasize TRYING!  I didn’t have the time to devote that I used to.  But somehow I had the time to sporatically check the boards throughout the day.  If I couldn’t play my games, I could at least read and talk about them.  At one point the stack of games I had built up that I had barely played was pathetic.  All the money I’d spent on these games, just to have them, only to TALK about them on IGN.  Sheesh.

Heres a game I bought almost 5 years ago.  I have played it for about 30 minutes.

Here's a game I bought almost 5 years ago. I have played it for about 30 minutes.

But this post is SUPPOSED to be about how all of a sudden I find myself returning to the boards.  I sort of fell out of the boards as the Gamecube approached its end of life.  But now that we have the Wii…I find myself able to stay up with all the latest topics.  Just this week, the boards were abuzz with a new game that was coming out called World of Goo.  If you were like Andrea you would just dismiss the game because of its silly name.  But in reality, it’s a fantastically fun puzzler and it’s only $15.  Had it not been for the IGN boards I probably would have dismissed it myself.  At the same time…if it weren’t for the IGN boards I wouldn’t have even known about the game, and being ignorant to its exsistance, wouldn’t have missed never playing it, and thus never spent the money in the first place!

That is the whole point of this long diatribe here.  That perhaps the boards aren’t the most healthy thing for me FINANCIALLY.  Ignorance is bliss…and cheap apparently.  Posting and reading on the boards makes me want things I otherwise wouldn’t have even known about.  And its going to take great restraint to avoid a whole new stack of games I barely have time to play.