Oh man. A bad batch.

After a recent success story with the new Harvest Moon pumpkin ale, which unfortunately some didn’t like, I’ve been struck by what I can only assume is a bad batch of a old favorite.  My cheap beer of choice for some time has been Miller High Life.  I finished off my last Harvest Moon last night and later opened up a High Life.  Only this time it tasted QUITE different.

At first I assumed some residual flavor from the pumpkin ale was interfering with the taste.  So I set it aside.  I ate supper, cleansed the pallat, and decided to see if it was an isolated incident.  I grabed another from the case and checked the date to be sure.  11-03-08  A little close…but should still be good, right?  BLEH!  Nope! I dunno if they left something out of this batch, spilled it on the floor and squigee’d it into cans or what.  High Life is just on the cusp of drinkability as it is, and what ever was done to this batch pushed it over the edge.

So I’m stuck with a bunch of beer I can’t drink.  I’m thinking about just setting what’s leftover on the doorstep of some college kids here.  I’m sure they’ll take care of it.

Posted on October 23, 2008, in WTF. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. That’s unfortunate, but canned high-life? I prefer the bottles myself.

  2. As do I. However, I usually buy the cans purely for economical purposes. Though I usually pour them into a frosty glass from the freezer. It’s a happy compromise.

  3. Keep those beers. They can be your “buzz beers” when you’re in a “should I really have one more?” mindset. Do I sound like an alcoholic?

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