Daily Archives: October 28, 2008

Damn uppity Target

Well we had a good time in Kansas City this past weekend.  We carpooled with Andrea’s sister and her husband up to downtown KC and shared a hotel room at the “Q”.  We get back to Wichita Sunday to pick up our dog and get headed home.  We all pile in her car and get ready to hit the road before the sun goes down.

As she whips out of her sister’s apartment complex like a bat out of Hades we hear a CLUNK VROOOOOOM! Sweet!  No muffler!  It was loud.  Like take it easy or we’ll get a ticket LOUD!  We turn a few heads as we make our way to the nearest store which just happens to be Target.  I take a look under the car to see what exactly we had going on.  Sure enough there was the muffler hanging there.  I didn’t want to leave it flopping around under there.  It’d be our luck a raccoon would run out in the road and end up ripping the whole damn exhaust out from under the car.

I needed something to tie it up out of the way.  I figured a coat hanger would do the trick.  Surely Target has coat hangers.  Hell yes they do, but they gotta either be freakin’ uppity wood hangers or shiny plastic iHangers.  Or super thick plastic coated wire hanger.  WTF!  Can’t middle class white people hang a shirt on a standard wire hanger these days?  You gotta have a hanger strong enough for an astronaut’s space suit or what!?

So I spend the freaking $7 on GD wire hangers.  (Because of course the ultimate proof of status is paying twice what any sane person would pay for any given product.)  And mangle it into quite the sturdy exhaust support.  Luckily it looks like the pipe just slid out of the coupling and all I’ll need is a new exhaust clamp.  And at least now I have some quality hangers to hang all my snazzy Burlington Coat Factory merchandise.