Daily Archives: October 31, 2008

Another one about sleep.

Yesterday I had a little bit different shift at work.  I had to stay late and board a remote, so I didn’t go into work until 2 PM and left at 10 PM.  Brought back memories of the old night shift days at Platinum.  It was nice.  I was able to sleep in an extra half hour, then get up and not feel rushed or anything.  I played a lot of Guild Wars.  Did some laundry and even got the dishes done and put away!  It was quite the productive day.  Then it was nice being able to go in to work and get straight to the show.  I felt so fresh and excited having not been bombarded all day by work and…Dan.

I get home and relax as I usually do.  But before I know it it’s 12:30 and I need to go to bed!  Back in the real night shift days I’d usually stay up until about 3 AM and wake up at 9:30 AM.  Next thing I know, it’s 7:15 and Andrea prodding me to get out of bed.

I’ve said here before that sometimes it feels like my body prefers to have an erratic sleep schedule.  Usually for some reason when I mix it up, I just wake up feeling more rested.  But today I’m WAAAY off.  It was harder to get up than it has been in a long time, and I just don’t hardly feel like I slept that long.  Funny thing it, my sleep schedule didn’t hardly change at all yesterday.  But my work schedule did!  Other than getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep, going to bed at 12:30 isn’t an unusual occurrence for me any regular ol’ day.

I guess what I’m saying is:  I dunno what the hells going on, but I wish I were still in bed.