Daily Archives: November 3, 2008

Some of my favorite Guild Wars scenes.

Well, since we have no digital camera, and it’s going to be Thanksgiving before we can get it back…the blog will be a bit devoid of pictures. To counter the giant blocks of text that will surely take over, here’s a few of my favorite views in the game of Guild Wars!

Standing on a precipice in The Falls.

Standing on a precipice in "The Falls".

Another view.

Another view.

Extravagant sewers in Kaineng City.

Extravagant sewers in Kaineng City.

Shing Jea Island countryside.

Peaceful Shing Jea country side.

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A remarkably productive weekend!

Well with the glorious weather we’ve been having, I was able to get quite a bit accomplished this weekend!  I had several goals lined up, and I think I achieved them all.

First goal was to get Andrea’s exhaust fixed.  It took $10 and about 20 minutes on my back with a grinder, grinding old rusty bolts off…but I got it off, and now she has four inches of shiny new exhaust pipe underneath her car.  No need for extra strength coat hangers anymore!

Second, the drain pipe for the sink in the bathroom started leaking.  Luckily it had just worked its way loose somehow.  I took it apart.  Cleaned out the grody mess, and put it back together and it works like new!

The big goal for the weekend was get at least the front of the house painted.  I FINALLY got my ladder!  It’s a little on the light duty side…i.e. wobbly.  But it works, and once you get used to the ladder swaying back and forth and you realize it’s not going to topple over, it’s not too bad I guess.  But I did get MOST of the front of the house painted and the whole west side.  So I still need to get actually on the roof to finish the front, but then I should be good until spring at least.  Unless we keep having 70 degree days all winter.  Then I should be done in a couple weekends!  I’d take some pictures…but we left our camera in Wichita.  You’ll just ave to come see for yourself!