Got City Folk!

Well I came home today and Andrea said she had a surprise for me. I figured she cooked me a nice homemade supper. Turns out she decided to pick up Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii!

I haven’t put a ton of time into it yet.  But so far it’s very similar to previous Animal Crossing games.  You just get to town, and you’re stuck working for Nook…AGAIN!  Doing all the exact same chores he had you do clear back on the Gamecube.  I was able to move my character from the DS onto the Wii though, which was pretty neat.  Although I couldn’t bring any of my stuff with me.

It’s easier to play than the Gamecube version, thanks to the Wiimote, you can just click and drag items around, and it’s a lot easier to type letters.  It controls pretty much exactly like the DS version.  The cool part is you can go online and visit other towns.  But even if you don’t have the internet, you can store your character on a DS and use that DS to travel to another person’s town on a different Wii.  So I could set it up to travel to my DS.  Put it in sleep mode.  Then when I got to my sisters’s house on her Wii, open the DS back up and travel to her town.  And visa versa to get back.  Pretty snazzy, and hopefully I get a chance to try it out.  As of now I’m the only person I know that has the game…so there’s really nowhere to travel to!

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  1. This game is really cool. Yes, it might be almost identical to the other versions, but it has it’s on Wiiniqueness (Wii uniqueness).

    Using the fishing pole is fun because you can swing the wiimote forward to cast and pull it back to reel it in. The net you can swing the wiimote forward to catch things.

    The one I haven’t tried yet is to go by a tree and shake the wiimote to see if it shakes the tree. I’ll have to try that one when I get home tonight.

    I also like how you can go into the Shampoodle (the salon) and transform your character into a mii. I changed my character to my mii….but I look like a midget. It’s still cool tho.

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