Daily Archives: November 20, 2008

A crazy Thursday

Well, it’s official…tomorrow is Dan’s last day.  My feelings on the issue are mixed, but by and large, it’s the best of a crappy situation.  It came down the horn that something had to give.  Either everybody takes a hit or one person is sent packing.  Now, as is well documented here and on my Twitter feed…I’ve never big the biggest Dan supporter.  Be that as it may, despite his many shortcomings, he is a decent guy at heart.  He had the option of skating out today and still get paid for the rest of the week, but he chose to stay the rest of the day and even come in tomorrow to make sure everything transitions over smoothly.  I’ll be honest, if it were me, I’d have packed my things and been working on my second six pack by noon.

Speaking of transitions, as of Monday I will officially be Program Director of three radio stations.  Granted they’re all syndicated stations.  But it’s an opportunity to do something with them.  It’s a place to start, and hopefully someday grow them into something more local.  It’s more B.S. than bragging rights, but I’ll give it my best to make them sound as good as they possibly can.

So no pay cuts…which is good.  But I’ll admit I felt some knots in my stomach seeing Dan shook up today.  I don’t wish for anybody to lose their job, what a terrible feeling.  In all honesty I was just as prepared for it to be me.  After all, I haven’t even been there 5 months.  But in that short time, I’ve tried to inject as much energy and enthusiasim into my position as I can.  I try to be reliable, helpful, creative, and insightful.  To be completely honest I haven’t had to work too hard at it.  Maybe it comes naturally…but I don’t think that’s it.  After the last job, I learned a lot about what I appreciate in my employment.  And above all else it’s the people I work with.  I look forward to seeing everyone here…most days.  When I’m at work it feels more like a fraternity or a family.  And even Dan has his place there.  Like the weird uncle.  I never imagined it…but I’ll miss the guy.

So life goes on.  It will be a fast and furious couple weeks until I get a routine nailed down.  But I’m looking forward to the challenge.  Some of the obstacles that are part of this position look to provide some actual intellectual stimulation and I look forward to having the freedom to apply my style of solution to them.  It’s a truly bittersweet moment.  But a lesson in many respects:  Don’t take for granted the good in people.  All it takes to be noticed it some genuine intrest and good intentions.  And no matter what life throws at you, it’s up to you to make the best of it.