A bit of a confession…

Against my better judgement over the weekend I decided to log into my old Second life character. For those that are unfamiliar with the software, you can think of it in simple terms as The Sims except with access to all of the unwholesomeness the internet has to offer. If you want a house and any money to spend in the “game” you have to pay a monthly subscription (which I don’t).

In more specific terms, Second Life could be a graphical representation of the internet. Instead of having a website, you can buy a patch of land. On that land you can create anything you want. Maybe you just want it to be your own personal space. Or you can even make a business where you make real money. And of course just as porn abounds on the internet itself, so it does in Second Life as well. Fortunately these sections of the map are clearly labeled “Mature”.  That said there’s still plenty of “PG” areas where mature content is not aloud.

Honestly the concept really intrigues me. And the reason I use the phrase “against my better judgement” is because of the reputation the game recieves for attracting the most socially inept people in exsistance. Can’t make real friends? Your real job suck? Don’t do something about it…just play Second Life! …just an example of why I have reservations.

The part that fascinates me is the content creation part. While admittedly there is a learning curve, Second Life offers a playground of sorts to try out 3-D modeling, texture art, scripting, and the like. If you can imagine it, with enough skill you can probably build it in Second Life. You also retain the rights to anything you make. Which means you own it, and if you want, you can sell it. Whether anyone WANTS it is another matter.

So as of yet, I haven’t decided whether to pursue my fascination any further.

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