Oh what a night

Well I got my first sour taste of the glorious “responsibilities” of being Program Director.

Last night I’m just relaxing as I usually do.  I take a shower and throw on some comfy clothes and sit down and play a little Wii.  I had some leftover Wii points that have been on our account for months, so I decided to go ahead and download Super Mario Bros. 3 for the virtual console.  Yeah, I have my NES still hooked up and everything, but the virtual console is so much more convenient!  So I’m getting ready to start the “angry sun” level in World 2 when the work phone rings.

The transmitter calls saying there’s an audio alarm.  Of course the station it’s calling for I can’t actually HEAR in the house.  I can just barely pick it up in my car stereo.  Then all of a sudden I have ANOTHER call incoming from one of the other stations.  WTF is going on?  These stations are 60 miles apart with studios in completely different towns!  But quickly they all come back and the alarms are cleared.  Then seconds later the Hays station calls again.  Welp, gotta at least go out to the car and try to tune it in.  Nada.  So I drive into the radio station so I can remote login to the computer in Hays.  It’s about 11:45 right now.

I still don’t know exactly what happened.  Either the satellite wasn’t feeding any audio, or the reciever locked up.  But I had to sit and play an hour of non-stop PSAs before the satellite finally came back.  I waited for a few minutes to make sure it was going to stay on and I finally get back home around 1 AM.  I get all set in bed, but I can’t get to sleep.  Then I realize I forgot to reset the log for the next day.  I could just leave it, but I decide that might as well go back and deal with it since I can’t sleep anyway.  That was my stupid mistake.  So I get back home, still restless and finally fall asleep sometime around 2AM.

Then what feels like 20 minutes later, the damn phone rings AGAIN!  I look at the clock and it’s 5:15 AM.  This time it’s the other PD’s station.  But of course, he’s on vacation.  Luckily this station actual has a signal that reaches Great Bend, so I head to the living room to try to figure out WTF is going on.   It’s a satellite morning show, and it’s supposed to play our local commercials automatically, well it isn’t.  So I have to head back in AGAIN.  Turns out that satellite receiver is locked up too.  So I plug in some emergency music and reset the damn thing.  Of course then I have to wait 25 minutes until the next break to see if its going to work.  At least I get a few commercials for the weekend done while I’m waiting in my PJ’s.

So at about 6:55 AM I finally get back home.  Just as I’m laying down in bed…the alarm clock goes off.  And so began this day.

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  1. Sounds like a bunch of crap. Don’t they have station tech’s that would deal w/ transmitters. I would consider u talent right?

  2. We do, but the closest one is in Salina. =P

    An audio alarm (i.e. dead air) is a “Programming” problem, so technically I’m supposed to deal with it. But it’s hard when you’re an hour away and don’t even have a key to the Hays studio.

    Good news is though, that NOW I have a key. And the GM said I can take a half day sometime next week. =)

  3. Man sounds like a pretty rocky night. That stinks! I’m sorry…hopefully it doesn’t happen too often…or at least it all happened in one night…yeah still sucks though.

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