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Nothing much to mention here.  Just washed the car up tonight and thought she looked purdy.  Can’t wait for the nice weather to start working on it again.  It’s been a rough 6 months.

Cox Kansas throttles internet service

This story popped up on my Google Reader the other day claiming that Cox will be trying to control their network traffic by slowing down “non-time sensitive” content during peak congestion times.  They state things like file-transfers  aren’t as critical as on-demand content like loading web pages, online games, and streaming videos.

At home, I really don’t have a problem with this.  A majority of my time is spent surfing the net, or playing Guild Wars.  But at work the core of what I do relies heavily on file transfers.  I have over 10 hours of audio content that I have to transfer to our on-air computer in Hays, and a majority of that has to first be downloaded from another source.  At the present rate it takes about 20 minutes to transfer one hour of mp3 audio to Hays at a measly 40 k/s.  That’s ALREADY a P.I.T.A.  I certainly don’t need it to take even longer.

Lifehacker also recently published a link to a set of tools to test what (if anything) is being throttled by your provider.  I’m anxious to put this to the test and see what protocols exactly are being throttled and by how much.  And if it significantly impacts my work, you can bet they’ll hear from me…as futile as my cry may be.

I didn’t know it’d been that long!

Well I was playing Animal Crossing in the Wii yesterday.  And I found myself thinking, “You know, the music on the original Animal Crossing was so much better.”

Out of curiosity I fired it up.  There was a town on the memory card that Andrea and I had created back in the day called Raleigh.   Of course it was FULL of weeds!  I wasn’t sure how long it’d been since I’d played the game, so I started talking to the citizens.  They’d be sure to inform me.  First animal I came across wasa  kangaroo named Mathilda.  “Whoa, a blast from my past,” she said.  “I haven’t seen you for 38 months!”  Wow.  I knew it’d been a long time, but it sure didn’t seem like 3 years!

Then I run into Groucho who’d lived in my original town of Hilldale from the very first day I played the game.  Apparently he moved to Raleigh and he complained that he hadn’t seen me for 52 months!  I felt a little guilty to tell you the truth.


Well, I botched my Ubuntu install when I attempted to upgrade to 8.10.  So I got a bit discourage and haven’t repaired it yet.  And lately my XP installation has been doing some funky things.  It’s been almost three years since I last reformatted, and for me I think that might be a record.  I was usually wiping everything clean once or twice a year.

So since I was in the market for a fresh install, and the Windows 7 Beta is available free to the public, I figured why not.  So here I am posting from it.  Installing it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, but that wasn’t Microsoft’s fault.  Since my hardware is so ancient (a couple years old) the company that made my motherboard decided that surely NO ONE would be running Vista on this hardware.  So after I got Win7 installed, I realized there’s no drivers available.  Luckily I was able to rob a driver from a newer revision of my board to get the ethernet working, and Windows Update took care of the rest!

It’s a bit slower than XP was, but considering my RAM barely meets the minimum requirements I’m not too suprised.  I’ll experiment with it for a while and decide whether I’ll stick with it.  Too soon to tell now.


Its taking shape.

It's taking shape.

Its done!

It's done!

Well this was a fun little project and should come in real handy.  I tucked it away in a room in the basement and it should be a nice little workspace for whatever random projects I come up with.  It turned out real sturdy.  And it sits flat, I’m impressed with myself!

My latest project

Okay, I’m starting to get back logged on projects here.  I still have my carb to rebuild.  Andrea’s car to paint.  Fix the hail dents on my car.  Get the basement chill pad set up.  Finish painting the trim on the house…  So why not take on another project that will at least help in getting some of the other ones done?  So using the power tools I finally got from Sears, I picked up the stuff to build this:

It’s a workbench.  Just a simple modest sized bench.  It’s going in the basement and I’ll be nice to have a place to work on some stuff.  I’ve already started and got all the pieces cut and I’m just putting everything together now.  Should be done sometime tomorrow depending on when I get up and how much beer I drink.  Photos to follow whether good or bad!

Laments of a City Folk Denizen

Well lately my gaming focus has slowly shifted from the PC to the Wii. Now I’ve been playing as much Animal Crossing as a person can really play in any healthy manner. Andrea complains about my dedication from time to time (even though she’s the one that bought the game for me)!

So I’ve gotten enough bells saved up that I can really start getting involved in the good ol’ stalk market. I have a horde of turnips laying around my house, just hoping for a good price now! Unfortunately since I got the Nookington’s remodel, Nook’s hours are now 9AM – 9PM. This wouldn’t really be a problem if I hadn’t recently discovered that turnip prices change twice a day. One AM price and one PM price. Well since I have to be to work by 9 AM and I don’t get lunch until after noon, I never get to see the AM price! I could be missing out on some prime profit making opportunities!

The good news is, that eventually Nook gives you the choice between a better selection of items (Nookington’s) or better hours (Nook n Go). While I do enjoy the better chance of finding furniture that goes with my place, I think I’m going to go back to the Nook’s that’s open 20 hrs. a day. At least until I make more bells than a person could know what to do with!

A tragic dilemma, I know. I suppose it’s times like this I’m thankful I’m blessed enough to complain about stuff like this! Ha ha!


I just found out that my webcam can do some really neat stuff. I can take pictures, videos, and even “Burst mode” pictures. You know those avatars that you see in peoples signatures and stuff that are “animated”. Well, that’s what that is.

Here’s a little two shot one I put together.

Do di do di do.....AHHHH!

"Do di do di do.....AHHHH!"

Ooooh yeah!

Just ordered up these bad boys.  Andrea and her family all pitched in and got me a hefty Sears gift card for Christmas…  I had my eye on an air compressor but I couldn’t get anyone at the store to help me at the time.  Now it’s not on sale any more.  It’s only a matter of time though.  In the meantime, I ordered a cordless drill, circular saw, and light from their website.  Awesome deal on it too.  $95 shipped for everything.  Can’t hardly beat that!  Now I can BUILD STUFF!  Ha ha.

Still have $100 left on my card, so if it won’t pay for a new air compressor by itself, it will sure take a nice chunk out of one.  Just have to wait for another good sale now!

Animal Crossing and the internet

Well I figured I’d share a few of the pictures I’ve taken in the new Animal Crossing:  City Folk.

Me and my house decked out for Christmas.

Me and my house decked out for Christmas.

Snowman melting.

Snowman melting.

Biebs and I decided to test out the Wi-Fi connection last night.  I headed over to his town and met some new animals.  One of them even sent me a present already.  It’s much better than the DS connection, because all the animals don’t just retreat to their houses.  The towns are very much alive when you visit.    I cleaned out half of Nook’s Cranny, and Biebs and I got together for a photo op.


Left: Matt - Right: Biebs

Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB.

"Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB."

For the record, we were comparing fish we caught!  And one last picture of the “Northern Lights” I snapped last night.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights