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Happy New Year! (Year in review)

New Year in Sayuri.  Courtesy of biebsworld.com

New Year in Sayuri. Courtesy of biebsworld.com

Andrea and I spent New Year’s Eve in La Crosse at Biebs’ place.  A couple of his friends showed up and we had ourselves a “Wii Party”.  It was a good time.  Found out I’m quite the fencer in Mario Olympics!  And as the time ticked down, Biebs fired up his Animal Crossing town and we counted down with Tortimer and his very cool marquee board.  He handed out party poppers and at midnight fireworks filled the sky!  It was very neat in that cute and subtle Animal Crossing way.

2008 was quite the year for us.  Getting married, new town, new jobs all in June.  Went to Hawaii in August.  All along with the assorted hailstorms, new Wiis, promotions, birthdays, holidays, and highs and lows that came our way.  It started out tough with Grandma Pat going into the hospital for her stroke.  She’s had perhaps the toughest year of all, but Grandpa said she was able to come to the house for Thanksgiving, definitely something to be thankful for!  The beginning of the year also meant saying goodbye to my 1977 El Camino, as the landlord chopped down a limb and it smashed in the roof of the car.  On the bright side, the insurance company ended up paying me more for the car than I bought it for!

Spring for me meant job hunting.  I applied to a lot of places for a lot of different jobs.  I wasn’t even sure I’d be staying in radio at the time.  I had even applied for a job as far away as Georgia.  Job hunting is seriously one of the least fun things a person can do, and with the tough economy, I feel for all the people out there that are looking for work.  Looking back on it in retrospect without all the stress, there were some cool adventures.  Like the trip out to Gove, KS where I stopped by the small little town where my car was sold and got to talk to the guy that actually sold it!  Something I’ll remember and hopefully he will to for quite a while!

Once the job hunt ended life REALLY started to fly by.  My last day a Platinum Broadcasting was on a Wednesday in June.  Thursday we moved to Great Bend.  Friday we were in Udall, KS for the wedding rehearsal.  Saturday we were Mr. & Mrs. Althouse.  Sunday we got back to our “home” that we had yet to even sleep in.  And Monday I started work at Rocking M Radio.  We never could have done it without all the help we got from our family and friends, and it was a time that we both were reminded how many absolutely fantastic people we have in our lives, and how blessed we are.

From this point on the year has FLOWN by!  Getting settled into our new jobs and the general disorientation that comes with it really makes you lose track.  It seems like no time and we were on the long flight to Kauai.  Hardly a day goes by I don’t think, “Man, I wish I were sittin’ at Duke’s with a cold drink in my hand.”  While I realize living there is a bit un-realistic, I sure as heck plan on going back a few more times before I kick the bucket.  That whole trip we had a whole lot of nothin’ planned, and had the time of our life!

I hope theyre still holding our table at Dukes.

I hope they're still holding our table at Duke's.

Everything from the wedding to the honeymoon seemed so surreal, that it took a little bit to adjust to our new reality.  But things are finally starting to seem “normal” around here.  I’m starting to get the hang of my new Program Director position, and I feel like 2009 is going to be a good year for growth for the stations I’m working on.  The holiday travels are almost over, and I’m looking forward to settling in to a long boring stretch of steady progress.  We’re looking to get Andrea’s car painted this spring, and maybe even investigate buying a house.  Who can say what will happen?  God only knows.  But I have a feeling this year will be almost as action packed as the last one!