Daily Archives: January 18, 2009


Its taking shape.

It's taking shape.

Its done!

It's done!

Well this was a fun little project and should come in real handy.  I tucked it away in a room in the basement and it should be a nice little workspace for whatever random projects I come up with.  It turned out real sturdy.  And it sits flat, I’m impressed with myself!

My latest project

Okay, I’m starting to get back logged on projects here.  I still have my carb to rebuild.  Andrea’s car to paint.  Fix the hail dents on my car.  Get the basement chill pad set up.  Finish painting the trim on the house…  So why not take on another project that will at least help in getting some of the other ones done?  So using the power tools I finally got from Sears, I picked up the stuff to build this:

It’s a workbench.  Just a simple modest sized bench.  It’s going in the basement and I’ll be nice to have a place to work on some stuff.  I’ve already started and got all the pieces cut and I’m just putting everything together now.  Should be done sometime tomorrow depending on when I get up and how much beer I drink.  Photos to follow whether good or bad!