Well, I botched my Ubuntu install when I attempted to upgrade to 8.10.  So I got a bit discourage and haven’t repaired it yet.  And lately my XP installation has been doing some funky things.  It’s been almost three years since I last reformatted, and for me I think that might be a record.  I was usually wiping everything clean once or twice a year.

So since I was in the market for a fresh install, and the Windows 7 Beta is available free to the public, I figured why not.  So here I am posting from it.  Installing it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, but that wasn’t Microsoft’s fault.  Since my hardware is so ancient (a couple years old) the company that made my motherboard decided that surely NO ONE would be running Vista on this hardware.  So after I got Win7 installed, I realized there’s no drivers available.  Luckily I was able to rob a driver from a newer revision of my board to get the ethernet working, and Windows Update took care of the rest!

It’s a bit slower than XP was, but considering my RAM barely meets the minimum requirements I’m not too suprised.  I’ll experiment with it for a while and decide whether I’ll stick with it.  Too soon to tell now.

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  1. what? i thought you machines was beefier than mine … its running vista just fine .. so i know it would run 7 even better ….

  2. What I saw of Windows 7 (admittedly, not that much, but I did actually play with it a little on a friend’s computer) it didn’t seem that impressive… I’m anxious to see how it is when it actually gets released, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I just built a hackintosh the other week… *nix operating systems are just better.

    I’ve completely removed Windows from my personal life, just hearing myself say that makes me a little happier. 😀

  3. =O You are in direct violation of the MacOS EULA aren’t you! How dare you run your own software on whatever machine you want. HOW DARE YOU!?

    I’ve all but come to the decision that I won’t be using Win7 (or Vista for that matter) for much longer. My 1GB of Ram and 128MB 6600GT really feels like it’s holding me back. I was pulling down a whopping 10 FPS in Guild Wars, regardless of graphical settings. That just isn’t going to work!

  4. Of course you can’t keep running it if Guild Wars isn’t at its best!

  5. Er… Maybe.
    EULAs are more-often-than-not completely silly and unreasonable, though. I think the OS X EULA as more of guidelines than actual rules ((Kind of like the pirate code… 😉 From the movies, not as in software pirates… Oh… Nevermind.)

  6. well i can attest that it does run much better than vista … xp is still faster on OLDER hardware but on my lappy with a core 2 duo, 4 gigs ram, and the radeon hd 3450 it runs alot more smoother and quicker than vista and had native driver support for everthing except my ir port, chipset, and card reader but to solve that issue i jsut installed hte vista drivers and they worked.

    vista x64 used 1.3 gigs of ram with 63 processes upon bootup

    se7en x64 used 800 gigs of ram with 31 processes upon bootup

    so come final release im willing to bet se7en is going to be pretty awesome. but right now there are a few bugs and a small memory leak which im hoping M$ will fix!

  7. arg! not 800 gig … that should read 800 mb!!!!!!!

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