I didn’t know it’d been that long!

Well I was playing Animal Crossing in the Wii yesterday.  And I found myself thinking, “You know, the music on the original Animal Crossing was so much better.”

Out of curiosity I fired it up.  There was a town on the memory card that Andrea and I had created back in the day called Raleigh.   Of course it was FULL of weeds!  I wasn’t sure how long it’d been since I’d played the game, so I started talking to the citizens.  They’d be sure to inform me.  First animal I came across wasa  kangaroo named Mathilda.  “Whoa, a blast from my past,” she said.  “I haven’t seen you for 38 months!”  Wow.  I knew it’d been a long time, but it sure didn’t seem like 3 years!

Then I run into Groucho who’d lived in my original town of Hilldale from the very first day I played the game.  Apparently he moved to Raleigh and he complained that he hadn’t seen me for 52 months!  I felt a little guilty to tell you the truth.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the old into the new!? Well, I guess a lot of the characters are the same, aren’t they? I’ll be playing the old style for a while longer, at least.

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