My new toy

I finally got my laptop. Actually, they call it a netbook. They’re not made to do stuff that involves a lot of memory or graphics, just the normal checking your emails and stuff like that. Unless you want to try to get it to do all of that stuff.

It went down in price, so I broke down and bought it. Heck, when you’ve been watching something for a month and notice that the price dropped $100, you’re gonna get it right? Here’s a few pics of it.

Isnt she purrrdy!

Isn't she purrrdy!

Now, this pic might show the beauty of it, but not exactly the size.

And this isnt a mini bottle!

And this isn't a mini bottle!

Yup, she’s only got a 10″ screen. Not too bad, I actually really like it. I just mostly wanted it to be able to sit in the living room, watch tv and chat/surf at the same time.

Posted on February 15, 2009, in Hells Yeah!, Saweet!, Tech. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Too cool! I need one of those! Yes, I said “need”.

  2. High Life has been getting lots of publicity on the blog lately!

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