Daily Archives: March 16, 2009

Two Angry Camels in a Car

Will it grow?

Well I said after we got back from Hawaii that I wanted to plant a palm tree out front.  Turns out that it’s possible…  but not too realistic.  Well for a few weeks now Wal-Mart has had these palm plants sitting for sale for $12 and I’ve been tempted but convinced myself to walk past ’em.  I mean sure it’s just $12, but then you have to buy a pot and soil.  All a gamble because knowing my track record, I’m going to just kill the thing anyway!

But Andrea has been encouraging me to just buy it the last couple times, so we hauled that thing home on my lap in her Mustang!  I’m sure that was a sight to behold.  So there she is.  Hopefully it can get enough light and I’ll keep it wet.  We’ll see if it grows or if it dies!