Daily Archives: March 22, 2009


Well we’re starting the process of painting Andrea’s car.  I just realized I don’t have any pictures.  So for historical purposes, here’s the before shots.

The paint really isn’t in too bad of shape other than the clear coat peeling off the hood, and the bumper spot.  But it’s two different colors of red!  That’s what a couple of deer will do I guess.  This one should be ALOT less work than mine was, because we’re going to park it while we’re painting it.  (Meaning I don’t have to put it back together everyday. )  And there’s not near the rust on it as there was on mine.  But we’ll see.  After it’s painted it’s going into the shop for all new exhaust and we’re getting new headlights since these are all fogged over and make it difficult to drive at night.  She doesn’t even have to turn her brights off for oncoming traffic!  Ha ha.

She wants black.  Which is cool, but I warned her it shows any and all imperfections.  But I’m sure there won’t be any.  We’ll see what happens.

Hopefully it goes better than today’s automotive work did.  I headed out to get the front end on my car finally fixed.  Only to find out that I don’t have big enough tools to do the work!  So I run to the hardware store to see if they have what I need.  Heck they don’t even sell big enough sockets.  So at least I leave without spending any money…  But coming out to the parking lot I notice something hanging from underneath Andrea’s car.  The tailpipe came loose from the muffler!  Geeze!  So I nurse it home and put it up on the ramps.  Just pulled the rusty thing out and threw it in the trash.  At least that’s one less thing that can fall off.

So back to my car I see if there’s anything I can fix with the tools I have.  Front shocks?  Nope, I have wrenches one size too big, one size too small.  Not the one I need.  How about just get the idler arm fixed?  That was the part that had been scaring me to get out on the highway.  I got my wrench on there… but damn it if my sockets aren’t big enough!  GEEZE.

So I headed over to Harborfreight.com and scored (I think) everything I need to get it all done for about $60.  Like all my projects on my car it looks like this one is going to end up about $200 over budget.  Oh well, right.  Still cheaper than a car payment!