Let there be lounge!

Well we got us a loveseat for the living room.  Finally!  You can still see the old canvas chair folded up in the corner (why the heck is that still in the room?).  We went originally to go look for a full couch.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money though, and a lot of the stuff we were looking at was pretty pricy.  To make matters worse, I really made it hard when I ruled out that microfiber/fake suade feeling stuff.  That material drives me crazy.  Apparently I’m the only one, but it just feels like tiny little velcro on my hands.  This is similar material, but a lot more ‘fuzzy’ feeling.

It’s still weird sitting on a comfy… (I’m just gonna call it a couch) couch and watch a movie or playing the Wii.  I’m so used to that squeaky uncomfortable canvas chair.  All we’ve had is the one recliner since we moved is as our only real piece of furniture.  But I think I’ll get used to it.  Hehe.

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  1. That looks so comfy and snuggly!

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