Purely for nostalgia.

Well I’ve been wanting to build a nostalgia machine for a while. I don’t really have all the pieces I need, so I created a virtual install of Windows 98. (I wanted to install Windows 95, but I couldn’t find an install disc anywhere!) It’s not QUITE the same. I mean with the LCD monitor and the laser mouse and all. Nothing really is ever going to bring back the experience of chatting in ICQ or the Excite chat rooms. Or seeing “This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 4.  600×800 resolution.” Those days are long lost, left only to my somewhat blurry memory.

The Wayback Machine has been helpful to some extent, but I wish there was a way to route all traffic through archived sites. That sounds like more work than I’m willing to put forth.

Sweet!  I can get 40 free hours of AOL!

Sweet! I can get 40 free hours of AOL!

It has been fairly nostalgic though flipping through all the old built in wallpaper patterns.  Enjoying the retro screen savers like 3-D maze, and 3-D pipes.  If it was 3-D it was friggin’ awesome!  I might have to install my copy of Unreal Tournament to really relive the experience.  Software rendering FTW!


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