Meet Sydney

Well, we got us another cat.  Andrea had been hinting for quite some time that she wanted a kitten.  And I kept saying, “No”.  So she used my birthday as the perfect excuse to get me a kitten.  I have to admit she’s too darn cute (as most kittens are).  There was an e-mail at Andrea’s work for free farm kittens.  They had cats of all ages out running around.  It was hard to pick one, but this little gal was just so relaxed, I figured THAT’s the kind of cat I like.

The Nala and Daisy aren’t too sure what to do about her yet.  Nala is happy to pretend like she isn’t there.  But Daisy I think is afraid we’re going to forget about her forever.  I’m sure they’ll get along eventually though.  Sydney doesn’t seem too shy, but not quite ready to rub noses with anybody just yet.  Infact just about all she’s done all night is sleep!

Check out my Picasa Gallery for a couple more pics and full size versions of these.


Posted on July 14, 2009, in Animals. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. How precious! So quiet and content, she is adorable! The way Sydney’s little front paws tuck up she looks like a lazy, relaxed little puddy-tat. I’m sure that will change. hee hee

    How did she sleep on her first night away from her Mama Kitty and the rest of the litter?

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