It moves… but not quite fixed.

Its new home.

Its new home.

Well, Biebs and I may have killed a few brain cells in the process from all the fumes… but we managed to drop the gas tank and rewire the fuel pump CORRECTLY.  Note to anyone who’s looking to attempt any gas tank removals on these vehicles.  Removing the bumper makes the job 100x easier!

So once we got the tank down and could get a good look at the wiring it was clear there was some real Frankenstein stuff going on.  I pulled the tape off one of the connections and the wires were literally just connected by a thread.  Hmm… that can’t carry much juice I wouldn’t think.

I hate wiring.

I hate wiring.

When the previous owner (whom I’ll refer to from here on as “Captain Genius”) put the new fuel pump in, he decided that there’s no need for these fancy schmancy “connectors”.  So he just spliced into the existing wiring.  This adequate, but you gotta at least give it a good college try.  Some of this wiring was so weird that I don’t even know what a person was thinking.  There was wiring run underneath the weather stripping for the tail gate, which basically kinked it around a sharp piece of metal.  And the funny part is that there was an access hole drilled under the carpet like six inches away from where they tucked the wires.  And some of the wire was spliced two or three different times within a yard of each other!  It was ugly.

Fig. 1

It's not that hard.

So we got it put back together and fired it up tonight.  It runs a lot better, but there’s still some gremlins in this thing.  It still sputters when you really get on the gas, but it’s much more driveable now than it was.  It will get up and go if you were driving normally, but if you wanted to mash on it and pass somebody, good luck.  I still think it’s something electrical, so a few more things to try before I decided it’s worth it to get tags and insurance!  haha!

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  1. “Captain Genius”? Love it!

    Good work! Get her fixed up…may one more camping trip this summer?

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