Another old timey picture.

Click for full size.

Click for full size.

If it looks a little bit “off”, it’s because this picture was originally black and white, and I’ve had it around for a while and I color a little bit on it in photoshop when I get bored.  It’s not done, but it’s kinda like a puzzle, you just work on it a little bit at a time.  Here’s a link to the original file.  I’ve had it for a while, but don’t think I’ve ever shared it.  So there ya go.


Posted on August 30, 2009, in Artsy, Cars. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. When they came off the line they were pricey for the times, but imagine if you had one in that good of shape now!?

  2. Those cars sold for around $2,500 and up in 1951. Which would be the same as about $19,800 today.

    It’s hard to say what one in perfect shape today would sell for. I saw a link for a convertible one that sold for $45,000! Yikes.

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