Scenes from the Labor Day weekend.

Well Andrea and I hadn’t been back to Cimarron since April of this year.  Which is really kinda sad since we’re only two hours away.  We really have to do better.  But we took the three day weekend and made the rounds to see everybody.  Had a great time!  I don’t know about Andrea but I know I ate WAY too much the whole time.  But it was awesome to see everybody and I even got Dad to weld up Andrea’s fuse block bracket for her car.  I really gotta get him to teach me how to weld.

But here’s a few highlights of the trip.  Check out my Picasa Gallery for a ton more pictures!

Solving the worlds problems.

Solving the world's problems.

The Duncan cookout.

The Duncan cookout.

Opening turns of the Duncan Invitational Croquette Tournament.

Opening turns of the Duncan Invitational Croquette Tournament.

Playin Wii Sports Resort

Playin' Wii Sports Resort

White girl

White girl

It was a blast.  Should have got some pictures of the ribs from Mom and Duane’s.  MAN those were tasty.  I got about a half slab in my fridge, just waiting for tomorrow night!

Thanks to everybody that was there.  It was an awesome time!  And we’ll be back sooner next time.


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  1. It was great seeing you! I really enjoyed all of us going to church together. Thanks for everything!

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