So cool it’s awful.

This strikes a very harsh chord for me.  I love Cadillacs, I love El Caminos.  But this is like taking all your favorite foods, putting them in a blender and baking the pulp into a cake.  Odds are that even though you love everything it’s made from, it’s bound to be the most foul creation meant only for the deranged or stupid.

Other than the fact that an Eldorado and an El Camino go together as well Ralph Lauren blue blazer and neon swimming trunks…. I really do respect the craftsmanship that went into the car here.  First off it’s not just the front of a Caddy hacked onto the back end of an El Camino.  The bed and tail gate were substantially narrowed to fit inside the quarter panels of the Eldorado.  So you get to keep the body lines, fender skirts, and of course the tail fins, everything that makes this definitely a Cadillac, and not just a Chevrolet.

Use of carpet in the bed is my favorite touch.  No self respecting Cadillac man is going to be throwing muddy garden tools in the bed of this truck.  No, you use a Chevy for that.  This is more suited for delivering your custom made saddle to the stable of your prize stallion.  The tail pipes are a little too “hot rod” but everything else is very in character of opulence over function.

It’s so unique I’d have to drive one!

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