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Sometimes it’s just good to relax.

Seems like it’s been one extreme or the other lately.  Thanksgiving was real laid back and a nice break from the routine.  Only to turn around on Friday and work 5:30 AM to 7 PM.  Yesterday was busy cleaning house and then off to work, coming home cleaning some more and then playing a few hours of Blackjack with Biebs and Andrea’s family.

But today has been nothing but lazy.  I haven’t even had to put on a pair of shoes.  Hehe.  Played some Guild Wars and spent most of the day watching football and just relaxin.  My Vikes s pare still rolling and I really have to take back all the bad stuff I ever said about Farve.

No real point to today’s post.  Just need to keep  the streak going and since I didn’t do anything today, there’s not much to talk about!  I need to set some new short term goals I think.

Well, I think the Blazer is up for sale.

I may have to take a blow to my pride, but I might have to admit defeat when it comes to the Blazer.  I was out today loading up all the leaves I’d raked up a couple weeks ago to finally haul them off to the compost site.  As I was hooking the battery back up (because it’s drains dead if you leave it hooked up) I was running through my head what could be screwed up with that thing again.  The truth is I really don’t know.  I’m almost sure it’s something electrical, but I don’t know where to start without throwing parts at it to get it going.  Could be anything from a $20 sensor, or a $400 fuel injector spider.  And unfortunately I don’t have the tools to test the different components correctly.

So I could take it to a shop and hope it’s not something ridiculously expensive to fix.  But if it turns out to be the injectors I can’t really justify the cost of getting it repaired at the shop just because of the multitude of little nickel and dime things that the thing needs.

So after much deliberation I think we’re going to put it up for sale for a little more than we paid for it since it DOES run better than when we got it and it’s a hell of a lot cleaner.  Then put that money towards something that I wouldn’t be afraid to cross a busy intersection with.

The irony is I made two trips to the compost site today and it ran better than it ever has for me.  So far every time I’ve drove it longer than 10 minutes it would die.  But I probably was running around for a good 30 minutes and while I still couldn’t get on the gas without it sputtering, I could just drive around normally with no problem.  Sadly I don’t think there’s a good chance it’ll fix itself.

So if anybody here want’s first crack it it, I’ll give ya the family discount.  😉

Black Friday Experience

Well today was my first ever participation in Black Friday.  I’ve always heard the news stories, and talk to people that have gone shopping at that insane hour in the morning.  But I’d always just shrugged it off as a sort of niche thing that “normal” people didn’t really have much to do with.  But apparently (once again) I’M the one who’s far from normal.

I had a live broadcast today from Orschlen’s.  It’s a new personal record for earliest remote I’ve ever done (6AM – 9AM).  And as I was driving across town, I first noticed the cars lined up and parked around the block from Sears.  “Wow,” I thought.  Must be some deals there or something.  THEN I drive past Wal-Mart.  HO-LEE-CRAP.  There wasn’t an empty space in the entire parking lot.  Infact people were parking at the stores and fast food joints next to Wal-Mart just to get in that place.  I can’t even imagine what it was like on the inside.  And this is just Great Bend, Kansas!  I mean good greif!

So I pull up to Orschlen’s about 30 minutes before they opened to start setting up equipment.  Sure enough, there were already people lined up outside the store.  I’ll be honest.  I assumed that Orschlen’s would be 2nd or 3rd on people’s priority list.  But that place was jam packed for a good 2 hours and then pretty steady after that.

I mean they had some good deals.  Pretty much everything I didn’t really need.  But they had a really nice mounted work light set that I snatched up for $20.  I figure for $20 that will help working on stuff after dark.  With the shorter days, it’s a shame to let all that time go to waste.

So that’s my Black Friday introduction.  After seeing that Wal-Mart parking lot though I can’t imagine I’ll ever be bold enough to run in THAT crowd.

Happy T-givin’. And a re-detication.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope everyone’s had their fair share of food by now.  Taken a nice long nap, and just generally been able to enjoy the day.  It’s been a nice day around here just for Andrea and I to spend together.  Seems like we don’t do that as much as we should.  Went bowling last night (where I beat her all three games!  hehe).  Then we slept in today, I rolled out of bed around 8:00 and realized a few things we forgot at the store.

Oh how I LOVE the small Dillon’s here in Great Bend.  They don’t have the huge selection and six brands of everything.  But they’ve got everything you need, and as long as you’re not there during the peak hours, it’s not too busy.  Plus it’s super nostalgic to walk through that place.  I grabed some pineapple slices for the ham, and some evaporated milk for the pumpkin pie, and it was off to the short drive back home.

We REALLY need to have home cooked food more often.  Even with the tons of stuff we made, it wasn’t too hard, just had to take the time to let it cook.  Preperation really wasn’t a sweat at all.  And it was just downright delicious.  I’m gonna be eating ham sandwiches, pork and beans, ham and eggs, etc. until Christmas probably!

And geeze, almost Christmas already.  Time really has been flying.  And I mean supersonic jet speed, flying.  I don’t really know what my holiday plans are other than Christmas at my Aunt’s house over the New Year weekend.  I need to make the Cimarron rounds, as well as the Wichita/Winfield rounds.  It’ll be fast and furious I’m sure.

One thing from now until 2010 at least that I want to do is get back into the blog.  It’s fun to go back and read my daily ramblings, and much of them are just little inconsequential things, but fun to read and remember none-the-less.  So until at least the New Year, and hopefully longer, I intend to resurrect my “one post a day” rule.  Unless I’m completely without internet access I’m hoping that forcing myself to write SOMETHING will get me back into the swing of things around here.  It’s been truly pathetic, I admit and apologize.

SO.  I hope you all had a great holiday.  I’m off to bed because I’m up early tomorrow to be at a Orscheln’s remote at 5:30 AM.  See ya then black friday shoppers!


WARNING: 23 minutes you’ll never get back.

I have been remarkably un-inspired lately.  What is below is an utterly terrible podcast.  Good music though.

B.G. Willers Podcast

A few random pics.

Well I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I guess it’s just been pretty dull lately.  So for lack of anything better to post, heres a few recent pics I pulled off of the digital camera.

My halloween costume. Whatever that's supposed to be.

Andrea's nieces up to visit. Annie and Lyssa.

Andrea's nephew Nick.

Covered in animals.

Andrea and Sydney

Invisible pilates ball.

Invisible pogo stick.

Enough sun for both of us.